The Internet Company is a start-up founded by two motivated EPFL students who share common objectives. Our main goal is to promote the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable means of production and distribution logistics all while promoting local artists and small companies.

We provide masks and textile good for private clients thanks to our platform The Internet Store where the ideas of local artists find their way to the general public. Our textile goods and masks also appeal to widespread companies as well as universities, schools and student’s associations. CMSK provides all the information that these bigger clients might need before making a choice and contacting us for an offer.

Today we are mainly trying to increase the use of reusable protection against Covid-19 by the means of our community masks which follow the Swiss Covid Task Force guidelines regarding mask production methods and minimum requirements. Those can be fully personalized to suit your brand and enhance your protection. 

Regarding CMSK we are trying to go viral and increase our market share in other countries as France and Italy. More to come in the coming months. 

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