About the mask

Our mask follows Swiss Task Force recommendations on reusable community masks
Swiss Task Force: https://www.admin.ch/gov/fr/accueil/documentation/communiques.msg-id-79879.html

Mask features


Our reusable face mask is made of 4 protective layers and have a pocket to insert a filter. Mask is sold with an included PM 25 rated filter. 

Mask features an adjustable nose clip and earband to ensure a good fit on all faces.

Size information: Lenght: 21 cm, height 14 cm

Test result are made with facemasks including filter 
Download full test results here

Our masks test results

Splash resistance: no penetration of liquid according to EN:14683:2005 TYP IR and/or IIR

Particle filtration efficiency: BFE >= 98%, PFE >= 95%, particle size (MPS): 3,1 μm 

Air permeability: <49 Pa / cm2

TESTEX Minimum requirement

Splash resistance: no penetration of liquid according to EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019

Particle filtration efficiency: FE ≥ 70% at a particle size of 1 micrometre

Air permeability: <70 Pa ± 3 / cm2 (ISO 9237), in deviation from the recommendation of the «Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force» 

Custom design

Custom masks with printed logo are available on demand. Contact contact@theinternetcompany.ch for more informations.

Min order for custom masks: 200 pce

Usage manual

Face mask utilisation guideline

The Internet Company SNC Switzerland mask guideline. All masks produced by The internet Company are certified following Swiss Covid Task Force.


First use

Before first use, please wash it using the washing instructions to insure there is no product contamination. Face masks are washed  and controlled before ship- ping. Contamination may occur during shipping.

Medical warning

This product is not a medical device, it may be used at your own risk. This product follows Swiss Task Force recommenda- tions.

Wear instruction

Mask must be worn covering your mouth and nose.

PM 2.5 Filter instructions

Filter may be use for 70 hours straight (hours worn), which accounts for approximately one month for normal usage. Keep the front of filter facing to the inner side of mask.

Conseil d’utilisations des masques faciales

Conseils d’utilisation pour les masques de The Internet Company SNC Switzerland. Tous les masques produits par The internet Company sont certifiés en suivant les recommandations de la Swiss Covid Task Force

Première utilisation

Avant la première utilisation, veuillez
laver le masque en suivant les
recommandations de lavage ci-dessous afin d’éviter tout contamination du produit. Les masques sont lavés et contrôlés avant le transport, une contamination peut cependant  avoir lieu lors du transport.

Avertissement médical

Ce produit n’est pas un appareil médical,
il peut être utilisé à vos risques. Ce
produit respecte les recommandations
de la Swiss Covid Task Force.
Instruction de port du masque

Le masque doit couvrir votre bouche et nez lors du port.

Instructions pour filtre PM 2.5

Le filtre peut être utilisé pour 70 heures consécutives (heures durant lequel le masque est porté), ce qui revient approximativement à un mois d’utilisation. L’avant du filtre doit être face au visage.

Linee guida per l’utilizzo della maschera facciale

Linee guide per l’utilizzo della maschera di The Internet Company SNC Switzerland . Tutte le maschere
prodotte da The Internet Company sono certificate secondo la Swiss Covid Task Force

Primo utilizzo

Prima del primo utilizzo, lavare seguendo le istruzioni di lavaggio per
assicurarsi che non vi sia contaminazione del prodotto. Le
maschere per il viso vengono lavate e controllate prima della spedizione. La contaminazione può verificarsi durante la spedizione. 

Avvertimento medico

Questo prodotto non è un dispositivo
medico, può essere utilizzato a proprio rischio. Questo prodotto segue le raccomandazioni della Task Force svizzera

Istruzioni per il porto della maschera 

La maschera deve essere indossata coprendo la bocca e il naso.

Istruzioni per il filtro PM 2.5

Il filtro può esserre utilizato fino a 70 ore consecutive (ore nelle quale la maschera è portata), il che rappresenta circa un mese di utilizzo normale. Tenere la parte anteriore del filtro rivolta verso il lato interno della maschera.

Washing instructions / instructions de lavages / Instruzioni di lavaggio

– Hygiene requirement for first use: Wash once at ≥ 60° with heavy-duty powder detergent

Remove filter during washing

– Exigence d’hygiène pour la première utilisation : Laver une fois à ≥ 60° avec un détergent en poudre

Enlever le filtre durant le lavage

– Hygieneanforderung für Erstgebrauch: Einmal waschen bei ≥ 60° mit Pulvervollwaschmittel 

Entfernen Sie den Filter wahrend des Washchens

– Reqquisiti di igiene per il primo utilizzo: lavare una vola a ≥ 60°  con un detersivo in polvere

Rimuovere il filtro durante il lavaggio