An eco-friendly and ethical approach to consumer goods

At The Internet Company, we want to protect our planet, use ethical labour and support artists and minorities. That is why we firmly believe the following:

  • Eco-friendly delivery with “Swiss Post Pro-Climate” ;
  • Plastic-free products ;
  • 100% organic cotton ;
  • Ethical worker compensation and likeminded company partnerships ;
  • No CO2 data centers with “hostpoint” ;
  • Planting trees ;
  • Create engaged collections to support the collectivity ;
  • Promote independent artists and creators ;
  • Promote and work with local businesses ;
  • Be transparent ;

We know that there is a lot more to do and we try our best to deliver a high quality product that respects our environment. Feel free to send us suggestions via our contact form to help us become a better company.

Usage of eco-friendly and organic materials

We have to give a clean planet to our children. That is why we use 100% organic cotton on all of our clothing products. That cotton is produced using ethical methods. Our products are certified OCS 100 – ORGANIC CONTENT STANDARD, GOTS – GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD and WRAP – WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBLE ACCREDITED PRODUCTION.

All of our suppliers are mandated to follow the same guidelines. 

Face masks do not contain 100% organic cotton as safety of our customers and regulations do not allow us to do so. We are working to make it happen. We do believe that reusable masks have a better impact on the environment than disposable masks.